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Workers’ Compensation

New Jersey law provides that each employer in the State of New Jersey must carry worker’s compensation insurance to cover any and all injuries sustained by employees arising out of the course of their employment.

To that end, if you are ever injured at work, regardless of whether it was your own fault or the negligence of another, it is important to notify your supervisor and demand medical treatment through your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier. Do not seek treatment through your private or company health insurance provider if your injury occurred at work. You must notify your employer and your employer must provide medical treatment through its worker’s compensation insurance.

If you are seriously injured at work and it is determined that you cannot return to work in the foreseeable future, in addition to providing you with medical benefits, your employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier must pay you temporary worker’s compensation wages which is typically 70% of your weekly wages.

All employees injured at work are entitled to these benefits provided they meet the “notice requirement.” Notify your employer or supervisor as soon as practically possible following the accident. Our office recommends that even if you feel like your injury is not serious and/or you believe that you will feel better the next day , you should still notify your employer and/or supervisor. If the pain you experience worsens overnight or over the course of the next few days, if you had already given “notice,” your medical treatment will be covered under worker’s compensation. If the pain subsides overnight and you feel like you do not need medical treatment, you do not need to take any further action.

In addition to filing a claim, all employees injured at work are entitled to file a “Claim Petition” in which your employer’s worker’s compensation carrier may be liable for a “Permanent Disability Award.”

Following any authorized worker’s compensation medical treatment, an employee who files a “Claim Petition” (known as a Petitioner), undergoes Permanency Examination to determine the extent of permanent disability to the area of the body injured at work. Depending on the Permanency Reports and/or testimony of the physicians performing those examinations, you will be compensated in addition to the temporary benefits already received. You can get the advice for Workers compensation laws in New Jersey, workers compensation laws, workers compensation laws in New Law Offices of Peter J. Morales, LLC.

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